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“Inaccurate Opinions” – An Opinion is not a Fact

I read something interesting on the internet the other day about opinions  Specifically related to Dissociative Identity Disorder, but generally applied.  Someone accused another of “throwing around inaccurate so-called opinionsabout some dissociation thing.

Hey folks, let’s get one thing straight here.  Read carefully.


Here’s reality – It is your OPINION that there can be such a thing as an INACCURATE OPINION!


Think about that one for a while, all of you who get pissed off when you don’t like what you read on the internet.

Facts can be proven one way or the other; opinions cannot. There can be inaccurate FACTS, but not inaccurate OPINIONS!

Why do I feel like I have to scream? Because they just won’t listen beyond their own little self-righteous worlds.

Definition of “Fact”

A fact:

– “is defined as something that is true, something that actually exists, or something having objective reality can be verified that according to an established standard of evaluation” –ref

Definition of “Opinion”

An opinion:

– “not a fact, because opinions are either not falsifiable, or the opinion has not been proven or verified” – ref

– “a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter” – ref

A very obvious example:

Have you ever read the OpEd pages (Opinions and Editorials) of a newspaper?  And all the shit you have seen people blather about this candidate and that candidate?  OPINION folks, and everyone is entitled to them.

You can write, “I think that Kate is a whacked chick who has no fcking idea what she is talking about.”

That is your opinion and you can say it.  Go ahead.

I have been ROYALLY pissed off at some of the Opinions I have seen touted about certain (actually BOTH) presidential candidates.  Absolute bullshit – it blows my blood pressure through the roof.

And you know what I do? I Move Along.  I just walk away.  Turn the channel.  Close the page.  Yes, the First Amendement gives them the right, even though I think they are wrong.

They are entitled to their opinion, even if I think it is wrong.  And I am entitled to MY opinion, even if they think I am wrong.  (Think = Opinion, got it?)

If that idea offends you, either 1) Move to a different country, or 2) Move Along.

A DID Example

DID is diagnosed according to criteria set forth by the DSM.  The DSM describes symptoms in a general sense.  It does not explore the results of DID or treatment plans of DID.  If you have been diagnosed with DID, you just share a set of general characteristics with a lot of other people.

That is all.

And just because you have DID, that does not give you special consideration or privileges.  It does not automatically mean everything you believe about yourself and your own DID experiences is shared by others with DID.  We are all different.

Just like with presidential candidates, you will find people with DID who do not agree with something you believe about DID.  It does not make either of you wrong.  It means that both of you have beliefs based on your experiences.

If you find you do not agree with what other people say, Move Along.  Don’t argue with them.  Don’t waste your time flaming.

You are not right.  And you are not wrong.  Welcome to reality.  Have a nice day.

Summary and Suggestion

So – to all of you offended, hurt, and disenchanted people out there – you can say all you want, but just because you believe it, don’t make it fact.

So stop trying to throw your opinion of what my is opinion down my throat as fact.  Because it ain’t.  Grow up.


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