The Kate and Cami Show
DID with an Attitude

– Cami: What did Kate do now?

My dear, Kate has run gone off dragging me into another fine mess. *rolls eyes*. Yes, I think the name of this blog is pretty good. Actually has a strong ring to it; I congratulate her. <edited>. Kate, while we will probably write many many posts together, there are places solely mine. Like this one. I’ve not problem with her competitiveness – it is actually quite valuable.

So, she creates her user account, creates the blog, introduces herself and hammers me to drag my ass out of bed this morning and hold up my end of the “deal.” I lay in bed last night mulling this over, wondering how I can uphold my commitment running Emily’s blog with my role as a contributer here. I fear this is going to crash and burn, kinda like those take off shows on TV. The first one kicks ass and the rest arrive with great fanfare and last maybe a season before being canceled. I have mixed hopes. [A lot more fcking work if you ask me, Kate].

Which, she didn’t.

But I will play along for now. After all, my life has been ruled by serendipity. Why should this be any different?



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