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– What we do here

We still post over at Emily’s place. We’d like to make this one a little different. Since we have been flamed for our lack of sensitivity, for making littles feeeel bad, and for generally acting like psychotics who pretend we are experts in everything, everyone figured it would be best for us to cruise on over to another blog and “reek havoc” elsewhere.

We plan to generate no new information on our own. Just to comment randomly and wildly on the world around us.

So this is where that Flame-Quenching “Move Along” Standard Disclaimer comes in. This site is not for the squeamish. Or the littles. Or the easily disturbed (but IS for the verrrry disturbed). <heh heh> Go read the warning and stop whining.

I mean, really.

Think about it. Some people love George Carlin. Others think he is a sick fck. Fine. Chris Rock cracks me up. “When’s the ONLY TIME a white man can say “nigga”? LOTSA folks don’t like Chris Rock. So, if ya don’t…Move Along.

I really don’t want to have to spend time listening to whiny meanderings about how mean we are, how insensitive we are. We already know that. So MOVE ALONG.

But throw me a bone every now and then and leave a good flaming comment so I can whip out the rapier of sarcasm and slice us up some fun.



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