The Kate and Cami Show
DID with an Attitude

– Kate Speaks (Woof)

Here’s the deal. Cat’s out of the bag. I (com’on, you know who I am), Kate, the Goddess of Brilliance and Wonder, ruled the roost a while back to keep things moving right along, a good way…chugging away doing all that terribly fascinating engineering-type stuff. Dragging this whole body? system? Whatever the hell you want to call it. Dragging us along … into the future (let the Floyd flow through ya).

My partner in crime, Cami, will have to come along and do her own intro. She’s pretty cool. A good straight man so to speak. The thoughtful considered one. Open to both sides of the coin. She may turn up and say I am full of shit, which is often times true. But as long as I can back it up in a well-honed argument that cannot be broken, life is good.

I think between the two of us, things could be pretty interesting around here.


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