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What should we fold, spindle and mutilate?

We can’t surf the entire internet ourselves.  There are wonderful pearls of insanity, idiocy and cluelessness (as well as some interesting good stuff) we’d like you to bring to our attention for consumption and translation into amusing and likely sarcasm-laced posts.

Leave a comment.  We await with Anticipation.


One Response to “What should we fold, spindle and mutilate?”

  1. First of all, I LOVE George Carlin!! And second, you have spunk, and I like that. I love the way you wrote, “Required Shit”. I don’t have any lovely ideas for you except maybe the myth of the general public that if we do not act like Sybil we cannot possibly be DID. I look forward to reading what you choose to post here. It will be interesting, eye-opening, and will make a person think that’s for sure.

    You go girl!
    Secret Shadows and the rebellious gothic teenagers inside

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